Enter the AVI Awards and put your name on the map!

Judging Process

  1. ATNS will shortlist candidate entries according to required criteria.

  2. Top 10 entries submitted for final judging process.

  3. Final judging done 5 days prior to AVI Awards.

  4. Winners will be notified via phone and invited to attend the AVI Awards held at AVI AFRIQUE 2017.
  5. Awards ceremony held at AVI AFRIQUE 2017 to recognize successful entrants.


Chris Burger is a Senior Researcher at CSIR Meraka Institute. He is involved in national ubiquitous broadband rollouts, information security, artificial intelligence applications and unmanned aircraft policy. He holds MEng, BEng and BCom (Aviation Management) degrees from the University of Pretoria, and has pursued a PhD through Stellenbosch University on the topic of the integration of unmanned aircraft in civil airspace.

Justin is a System Engineer working in SANSA’s Space Programme Division specialising in areas of Dependability/Mission Assurance, Integrated Logistics Support and Life Cycle Cost Management of space systems. He is currently working on South Africa’s next earth observation satellite mission.

Previous experience includes working on military helicopter programmes, as well as on the Airbus A380 programme.

Justin has received the Fellowship Aeronautics and Space Industry Award from the French Institute of Aeronautics and Space (2006). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Cape Town, and a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Maintenance from ENSICA, Toulouse.

Phillip Boshielo is a qualified Electrical Engineer and holds a BSc Electrical Engineering, BEng Honours Computer Engineering, and an MBL. He is currently doing his Masters in Engineering.

Phillip brings extensive experience in the area of telecommunications to the ATNS Executive Team. In his current role he provides total asset and technology management as well as translating user requirements and planning, developing and implementing technical support and maintenance to ensure the total life cycle management of CNS and related infrastructure.

Prior to joining ATNS, Phillip was the General Manager of Partnerships, Roaming and Wholesale for MTN Group. He started his working career at Eskom as an Engineer-In-Training, focusing on telecommunications. He then moved to Denel where he worked as an Electronic Engineer, followed by BMW Group South Africa as an Analysis and Test Engineer before his move to Vodacom Group as Senior Specialist of Ventures; he was later promoted to Executive Head of Ventures.

Is currently the Head of the Advanced Manufacturing Strategic Technology Area at the TIA (Technology Innovation Agency). He has 16 years of work experience covering technology development & commercialisation, development finance (project & deal making), investing facilitation & support, component exports, localisation projects, development engineering, procurement, quality and academia.

He has a strong technical background, with a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering.  This is supported by a reputable business qualification, an MDP (Management Development Programme) from the University of Stellenbosch business school. He also holds various certificates from UNISA's centre for business studies i.e. procurement and supply chain, and quality management, amongst others.

His careers experience comes from grounding in the automotive sector. He worked as a principle products development engineer for Nissan South Africa, specialising in the component manufacturing sector. As such, he is well versed with the various advanced manufacturing methodologies used in this industry.  He later moved into the commercial side of the business with a focus on improving local content.  The techno-economic feasibility studies that he did were key decision-making tools that determined how much of foreign direct investment was made into the local industry.

He later moved to Mercedes Benz South Africa, as a Key Accounts Manager, with the responsibility of taking care of export business for the their Chrysler Brand. He focused on three commodities namely catalytic convertors, alloy wheels and leather products.
Aside from managing the day to day operations, his focus was also on acquiring new business. His technical and commercial background gave me the skills to sell South Africa as component supply destination for exports. He was successful in acquiring new business, especially in the catalytic converter line of business. Managing the catalytic convertor business gave me exposure with dealing with the platinum, palladium and rhodium on yearly basis.  A detailed understanding of governing incentives especially. A detailed understanding of government incentives especially MIDP was essential for this job.

This background then led him to the AIDC (Automotive Industry Development Centre), where his key function was to facilitate investment enquiries into the auto sector, especially into the Gauteng province. He authored an investment brochure that was launched at the Investor conference held at Auto- Machanika. This was a tools he development to be part of my marketing arsenal when engaging with potential investors.

Thereafter he joined the IDC (Industrial Development Corporation) whose project have allowed him to have a more National focus, rather than just the Gauteng province. It also allowed him to focus on more than just the auto sector, through the wide range of projects covered by metal, transport and machinery sectors. The skills he obtained in the auto sector allowed him to easily apply himself in other related advanced manufacturing sectors. His key responsibility at IDC was directing their automotive strategy, amongst which fell the Electric Vehicle project.

The career path he has taken has given  him solid technical grounding, as well as the required maturity to manage a team in a complex, technology development and development finance environment