25 - 26 October 2017

In Africa. For Africa. By Africa.

Enhancing aviation sustainability of the African market within the global space


Get aboard the leading Aviation Summit in Africa

Air Traffic and Navigation Services SOC Limited (ATNS) is proud to present the sixth annual AVI AFRIQUE Africa Aviation Innovation Summit.

The AVI AFRIQUE Summit theme for 2017 is 'In Africa. For Africa. By Africa. Enhancing aviation sustainability of the African market within the global space'. As such the Summit seeks to explore infrastructure development and participation of the small medium and micro enterprises (SMME) in the aviation market in order to contribute to economic development and growth. Collaboration between the major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and SMMEs in African countries will also be explored in order to understand how this can contribute to the development of local products/technologies that meet Africa's environmental challenges.

AVI Awards

What do the AVI Awards seek to achieve?

The AVI Awards creates a platform that will bring in great ideas and assist innovators in turning their innovations into commercially-viable products or services. We are currently at the 'ideation stage' where we want to create a pipeline of relevant aviation-related innovation ideas that seek to address the challenges faced by the aviation industry and also look at improving on existing aviation technologies, services and products.

Bringing nano-drone innovation to South Africa

The world’s smallest, most capable, personal reconnaissance system, the Black Hornet, will be launched in South Africa by Desert Wolf Consulting at the forthcoming AVI AFRIQUE Innovation Summit. The FLIR Black Hornet system is inherently safe and pose no risk to other air vehicles or personnel, allowing the system to be operated almost anywhere by trained pilots, day and night. The Black Hornet’s small size and electric motors makes it virtually inaudible and invisible once airborne.

The system will only be available to military, police and government clients in South Africa, with local support and training. South Africa’s first female military drone instructor, trained by the manufacturer in Norway, is already training another Black Hornet pilot in South Africa.

Download Black Hornet brochure